Undercover Investigations

Undercover Operations


Undercover can effectively detect all forms of white and blue collar crime, as well as expose employee drug users, workplace violence, and product tampering.

In addition to security related intelligence, Danbee’s undercover operations also provide valuable insight about operational issues negatively impacting profitability such as productivity problems, time theft, lax supervision and flagrant disregard for company policies. This type of comprehensive information allows senior management to receive detailed, unbiased intelligence that they would have no way of otherwise receiving.

Danbee’s undercover investigations have also played a decisive role in having theft insurance claims paid, by providing the evidence required by most employee dishonesty policies today.

Case History: 

Every month, this distributor was incurring significant inventory loss but had no idea who was responsible or how to stop it. With profits being adversely impacted, the CEO decided to have Danbee Investigations conduct an undercover investigation.

After gaining the confidence of his coworkers, the Danbee investigator exposed widespread collusion taking place between company truckers and dock workers, including two senior supervisors. The collusion was costing this distributor thousands of dollars each month. The employees were subsequently apprehended and their insurance company reimbursed the distributor for the losses they incurred.

Case History:

Danbee Investigations was contacted by a CFO who suspected one of their purchasing executives of wrongdoing, but needed irrefutable proof in order to take action.

The undercover investigation revealed that one of their senior buyers was in fact, receiving kickbacks from a vendor in the form of checks that he deposited into a business account he had created under his wife’s name. In return, he rewarded the vendor with contracts that were 5-8% over fair market value. To conceal his illicit relationship with this vendor, the purchasing executive had fraudulent “competitor proposals” submitted with artificially inflated quotes.

After being confronted with evidence that was developed from the undercover investigation, the buyer made a full confession.