The Danbee Hotline

Hotline operation

The Danbee Investigations Hotline exposes problems such as inventory loss, embezzlement, the theft of proprietary information, worker compensation fraud, product tampering, arson, workplace violence, on the job substance abuse, and harassment. For public traded corporations, the Hotline helps companies stay in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley.

“The Hotline has proven to be a cost efficient and effective tool for enlisting the aid of our employees regarding a variety of security issues. The personnel at Danbee are professional, accurate and fast in their turnaround time with reporting incidents. The Hotline has definitely helped in our efforts to raise the level of security awareness.”

Larry Perkins, President
Perkins Paper

Why is Danbee’s Hotline so successful at bringing these issues to light?

• When your workers call the Danbee Hotline, they know that they’ll be speaking with a third party entity, which means they do not have to be concerned about having their voices recognized.

• The Danbee Hotline offers callers complete anonymity, which guarantees them that their identities cannot be accidentally leaked. All callers are assigned a code name or number so they never have to reveal their identity.

• Your employees have the opportunity to speak directly with experienced security professionals, not switchboard operators. Consequently, our experts know how to put callers at ease, establish a rapport, and ask all the important questions.

• Clients regularly receive professionally designed high quality color posters, cards, and fliers that promote the program in a positive manner and stimulate employee participation.

• As one of the most respected investigation firms in the country, Danbee can provide clients with professional support when additional evidence of illegal or unethical activity is needed.

Case Histories

Workplace Substance Abuse

Several employees were regularly operating warehouse equipment while under the influence of cocaine and marijuana. Although this company had a drug testing policy in place, shift supervisors were unaware that these employees were using drugs on the job. After a co-worker contacted the Danbee Hotline, company executives made an unannounced visit to the facility and confirmed the information. The employees subsequently failed their drug tests and were terminated for cause.

Corporate Espionage

This Hotline caller reported an executive she observed photocopying highly confidential information after normal business hours. A covert camera was installed in their corporate offices that subsequently recorded this individual making unauthorized copies of classified company documents. After being confronted with the evidence, the executive admitted to providing this information to a competitor in return for the promise of a lucrative position with their firm.

Sexual Harassment

Female employees were being exposed to inappropriate and embarrassing remarks by a supervisor. However, because they were intimidated of him and concerned that their identities would be leaked, they remained silent. After the Danbee Hotline was introduced, they decided it was a safe way to notify senior management about this. A Human Resources executive subsequently visited the location, interviewed the workers in this department, and was able to gather enough corroborative evidence to take disciplinary action against the offending supervisor.

Retail Dishonesty

This caller informed us about a cashier she observed on several occasions allowing “customers” to depart the store with free and highly discounted product. After alerting our client about the call received to the Hotline, they began monitoring the cashier in question and obtained evidence of her allowing thousands of dollars of product to leave the store by under-charging an array of accomplices who posed as customers.