Cyber Security

Cyber Security Consulting

Today, cybercrime can literally be launched from any place on the globe. Unauthorized attacks on corporate servers and networks can result in fraud, the theft of proprietary information, the misappropriation of company funds as well as digital sabotage.

Danbee provides comprehensive information technology security solutions that enable clients to dramatically reduce their risk to these threats. Working with corporate senior management or in-house IT staff, we can assist with developing controls and processes that will dramatically improve the security of your proprietary data and networks.

Danbeeā€™s experts also perform vulnerability penetration assessments that simulate real world attacks. By testing the physical, procedural and software safeguards in place, we expose weaknesses before they can be exploited by those seeking to access or cause damage to corporate networks. The results of each vulnerability assessment are reviewed, at which time Danbee also provides customized, cost-effective solutions that address those areas of risk exposed during the penetration assessment.

If your company has already been victimized by a cyber security breach, Danbee can respond quickly. Using state-of-the-art technology and proven investigative techniques, Danbee can help identify those responsible, their methodology, as well as in the recovery of stolen data. Danbee can also work with legal counsel or law enforcement, providing them with work product and evidence needed for litigation and criminal prosecution.