Supply Chain Security & Best Practices

Supply Chain Security Management

As global trade continues to grow, the associated risks of theft and terrorism escalate proportionately.

Protecting the security of your supply chain with strategically designed safeguards can ensure that your goods move to market with greater safety and without interruption. In today’s business climate, where security has become a top priority, having a world class asset protection program based on supply chain security best practices can also attract new accounts as well as generate a greater level of confidence and loyalty from your existing customers.

Very few companies can match Danbee’s three decades of supply chain risk management experience. Danbee Investigations’ security consultants have worked extensively with hundreds of domestic and international corporations, from manufacturers and distributors, to freight forwarders, brokers, consolidators, carriers, and retailers.

Danbee’s investigative exploits and loss prevention solutions have been featured in publications such as USA Today, Forbes, CFO, The Journal of Commerce, Global Logistics & Supply Chain Strategies, Inbound Logistics, and Supply Chain Management Review.

Danbee’s security consulting services also include highly acclaimed supply chain risk management seminars and training programs. Danbee executives have been guest speakers at conferences around the world for organizations such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, the Foreign Trade Association, the International Compliance Professionals Association, the Maritime Security Conference, the North American Cargo Security Conference and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

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We Are Supply Chain Risk Management Experts

When it comes to protecting your supply chain, Danbee’s corporate investigation services have uncovered and successfully resolved inventory loss and cargo theft cases involving tens of millions of dollars.

Proactively, Danbee’s security consulting services can identify weaknesses in your existing safeguards, expose areas at risk to internal and external theft, as well as show you how to improve the return on investment from your security manpower and technology by strategically implementing supply chain security best practices.

Danbee has a proven track record for developing supply chain security best practices that have successfully resulted in CTPAT certification and validation for their clients. Danbee’s experts identify weaknesses and turn them into strengths, prepare the required CTPAT formal security profile, and work alongside government security specialists as your representative to insure your company remains in compliance and in good standing.

Considered one of the foremost experts on CTPAT and other global supply chain risk management initiatives, Danbee’s specialized services also include domestic and international security audits, focused training and awareness seminars, anonymous tip line reporting programs, and supply chain security investigations.

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