Benefits of Certification

CTPAT Certification Provides an Array of Benefits

  • CTPAT certification results in a dramatically lower number of CBP inspections, resulting in reduced border delay times.
  • Eligibility for the FAST program.
  • Priority processing for CBP inspections. (Front of the Line processing for inspections when possible.)
  • Assignment of a CTPAT Supply Chain Security Specialist.
  • Potential eligibility for CBP Importer Self-Assessment program (ISA) with an emphasis on self-policing, not CBP audits.
  • Opportunity to attend CTPAT security seminars.

CTPAT certification is not just a program for large corporations. Medium and small companies have also experienced an array of financial, logistical and competitive benefits from receiving CTPAT training and achieving CTPAT certification.

Because of its success, CTPAT security is now being replicated by many foreign countries. Today, CTPAT certification is not only viewed as essential to conducting international trade in a safe and profitable manner, but it is considered a reflection of corporate supply chain security excellence.

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