White Collar Crime Investigations

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Every year U.S. companies lose billions of dollars to fraud and embezzlement, and much of it goes undetected until it causes significant damage to a company’s bottom line and reputation.

In a survey conducted by one of the top accounting firms, 81% of those companies responding to a confidential survey on white collar crime reported corporate fraud in their respective firms of more than $25,000. Of those respondents, 25% indicated that they were victimized by fraud related loss that exceeded $1 million.”

Danbee has the specialized expertise and experience to investigate civil and criminal fraud, financial irregularities, the theft of intellectual property, embezzlement, kickbacks, violations of foreign corrupt practices statutes, and other related crimes.

Danbee’s approach is comprehensive, thorough and discreet. As an outside entity, our fraud investigation services result in conclusions that are always unbiased and objective. With a 40 year proven track record of results, Danbee’s white collar crime investigations have brought even the most complex cases to a successful conclusion.

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The Red Flags of Fraud
Possible Warning Signs:
  • An unexplainable decline in profit or increase in expenses
  • Rewritten accounting entries or missing documents
  • The purchase of unnecessarily large amounts of product or services from particular vendors
  • The absence of regular competitive vendor bidding
  • An employee who refuses to delegate financial responsibilities
  • Customer complaints of erroneous invoicing
  • Overly friendly relationships between purchasing personnel and outside vendors
  • An employee consistently arriving early, staying late, or working weekends
  • An employee who resists taking earned vacations or accepting opportunities for promotion
  • Employees living beyond their obvious means or a marked change in lifestyle
  • Suspected drug abuse or gambling excesses
  • An employee who cannot produce original financial documents and records upon request

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What You Should Never Do When You Suspect Fraud

After 30 years of providing corporate fraud investigation services, Danbee has helped many companies avoid making these tactical mistakes. In order for white collar crime investigations to yield successful results, never do the following:

  • Rationalize or go through denial if you have reason to suspect a problem. Not doing due diligence can result in greater loss as well as legal ramifications.
  • Form a committee to discuss your concerns. The more who have knowledge that a white collar crime investigation is being conducted, the higher the risk of an inadvertent leak.
  • Address the issue with the parties you suspect without first obtaining proof. Rarely will an individual confess guilt unless confronted with irrefutable evidence during the course of a corporate fraud investigation.
  • Go to a prosecutor with a sketchy case and expect a successful resolution. The burden of obtaining evidence typically lies with the victimized company.
  • File a claim with your insurance company without the proper corroboration. After decades of providing corporate fraud investigation services, we know that employee theft policies require that compelling evidence must be provided prior to a claim being honored.

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