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By placing a Danbee operative into your company, you’ll receive factual, comprehensive intelligence about theft, collusion, embezzlement, fraud, employee substance abuse, product tampering and other critical concerns. By identifying and eliminating these costly problems, companies have literally put millions of dollars back onto their bottom lines.
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Honest employees want to expose co-workers who are guilty of illegal or unethical activity, but only if they could do so with no risk to themselves. The Danbee Hotline provides callers with anonymity and also gives them the opportunity to speak with experienced security consultants who know how to deal with these sensitive issues. Highly successful and inexpensive, the Hotline has exposed costly problems that would not have come to light for months or even years.
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Danbee’s professional security consultants have extensive experience performing business investigations into all aspects of fraud, including the misappropriation of company assets, kickbacks, theft of proprietary information, embezzlement, corporate espionage, and other criminal activity. Danbee’s corporate investigations can analyze the facts, develop a strategy, gather needed evidence, perform interviews and collaborate with legal counsel for civil litigation or criminal prosecution.
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Danbee’s staff of security consulting experts can assist corporate or outside legal counsel by tracing and locating assets or witnesses, performing due diligence investigations, as well as uncovering evidence relevant to litigation. Our clients include dozens of prominent law firms. Danbee executives, because of their well respected experience, also serve as expert witnesses.
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An in-depth analysis of your company is performed, where all systems, procedures and operations vulnerable to white or blue collar crime are thoroughly examined. After identifying those areas of risk, Danbee security consultants will provide custom-tailored recommendations that will minimize your exposure to internal loss, and more effectively safeguard your bottom line.
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In today’s business climate, it’s imperative that companies make informed, knowledgeable hiring decisions. Danbee corporate investigation services can identify high security risks before they have the opportunity to create problems inside your company.
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Danbee’s highly acclaimed programs provide timely, hands on training regarding theft, collusion, fraud and workplace substance abuse. The result is a far more perceptive, knowledgeable management team that will recognize and respond to these serious problems. These seminars are an excellent complement to our other security consulting services.
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For those companies without in-house security departments, Danbee offers a full range of business investigation and loss prevention services, including covert surveillance and auditing. These loss prevention programs and corporate investigation services have enabled companies to dramatically reduce internal theft and increase profitability.
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Danbee’s expertise in domestic and international supply chain security is unparalleled. With over 30 years of experience working with leading manufacturers, forwarders, retailers and transportation companies, Danbee has performed forensic post incident business investigations and designed highly successful asset protection programs that protect global supply chains from theft, product tampering, smuggling, diversion and other threats.

Danbee also offers specialized Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) security consulting services, including comprehensive assessments of corporate and third party supply chains, designing customized policies, conducting training programs, and performing risk-based audits of domestic and international facilities to ensure that they are in compliance with C-TPAT standards. These services have enabled Danbee’s clients to successfully become C-TPAT certified and validated.
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Our staff of business investigation IT experts can perform a risk analysis that will evaluate and test your existing network safeguards by identifying those areas that are vulnerable. In the event that your IT systems have already been sabotaged, or if your intellectual property or proprietary data have been compromised, we can provide forensic analysis and investigative services. Our security consultants can also work with your in-house IT staff to ensure that all deficiencies exposed are properly addressed, and your trade secrets are well protected.
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Danbee performs corporate investigation services into unauthorized channels of distribution, as well as business entities that are introducing counterfeit or diverted product into the marketplace. Our findings and expert testimony are essential for successful litigation and criminal prosecution, which has saved companies significant sums in lost sales, damage to brand integrity & reputation, as well as product liability litigation.
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