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Mr. Daniel Brandman, Chairman
Danbee Investigations, Inc.
One Godwin Avenue
Midland Park, NJ 07432

Dear Dan:

We have relied on Danbee Investigations for our corporate security needs for the past sixteen years. Danbee’s attention to detail, technological innovation and twenty-four hour a day accessibility have been key to meeting our security requirements across the nation.

Thanks to Danbee, our security programs have improved year after year. Together our track record has been impressive but, for us, an even better measure of Danbee’s impact has been when problems arose. You have consistently provided us with well trained Danbee staff, excellent operational guidance and street smart, bottom line solutions. Your understanding of what makes our business tick has made a world of difference.

Danbee’s ongoing contributions to the success of our security programs are greatly appreciated and your personal involvement has been invaluable.

Very truly yours,

William G. O’Connor
VP – Administration
The Topps Company, Inc.