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Mr. Barry Brandman, President
Danbee Investigations
One Godwin Avenue
Midland Park, NJ 07432

Dear Barry:

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and DANBEE INVESTIGATIONS for the many years of support. Over the fourteen years we’ve worked together, we have been challenged with many an issue and, without exception, DANBEE has come through for me time after time. You have not only had significant impact on my career personally, your efforts and the results you have provided have helped my organization, THE SPORTS AUTHORITY, INC. remain healthy and profitable.

DANBEE offers a competitive advantage that I do not see in the other providers of investigative and loss prevention services. DANBEE understands every organization is different, each organization having their own needs and challenges. DANBEE is exceptional at understanding there is no standard response and provides THE SPORTS AUTHORITY with the uniqueness we desire. This success is accomplished by being flexible and creative and approaching each circumstance with an open mind. DANBEE has proven to me that you don’t follow the same path twice, you listen and you understand there are different roads that lead to success. When I think of DANBEE, I think of three words: EXCELLENCE OF PERFORMANCE. It is truly a win win situation for me and THE SPORTS AUTHORITY.

Our most recent endeavor is an example of the expertise DANBEE provides. Putting together the security plan for a 600,000 square foot distribution center is a daunting task even for a “seasoned security veteran”. Even with my 20 (+) years in the security business, I was impressed with the systematic and methodical approach used in considering each life safety and security concern that we would encounter running such a large facility. To date, the security and life safety operations in our facility have run exactly as we planned and problems to date have been insignificant to the overall process.

DANBEE has been an integral part of my team and the value you have provided me and THE SPORTS AUTHORITY, INC. has been immeasurable. Thank you for your efforts over the years.


James O’Connor
Vice President
Loss Prevention/Risk Management