Vulnerability Assessments

Security Vulnerability Assessment

Danbee Investigations has over 40 years of experience analyzing all areas of security related risk for privately held firms as well as Fortune 500 corporations. Our experts have performed security audits and security vulnerability assessments throughout North and South America, as well as Asia and Europe.

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Security Assessment Components

Depending on the scope of a project, the following areas may be encompassed by a security audit:

  • Intrusion detection, video, access control and biometrics electronic security systems
  • Inventory and cycle counting processes
  • Hiring and screening procedures
  • Management and supervisory awareness
  • Security policies and practices
  • Functions such as shipping, receiving, returns and transfers (where collusion oftentimes takes place)
  • Utilization and return on investment of security staffing and/or technology
  • Fraud prevention controls
  • Exposure to cybercrime
  • Compliance with formal certifications such as CTPAT, FTZ, and TAPA
  • Executive and personnel protection

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Because Danbee’s experts conduct an independent security vulnerability assessment, our conclusions are not influenced by internal pressures or politics. Additionally, because of our vast experience in an array of different industries, we have the ability to benchmark your company’s vulnerabilities and asset protection controls against hundreds of other firms. Consequently, we are able to provide Danbee clients with unbiased, highly focused solutions that dramatically mitigate risk to internal and external loss. Our security vulnerability audits are unparalleled in scope and depth.

Security Audit Success Story


This distribution company was experiencing a reduction in gross profit as a result of unexplainable inventory losses that had reached significant levels. Despite their best efforts to identify how their inventory was disappearing, the problem continued to escalate over time.

Danbee’s vulnerability assessment team performed an in depth analysis and uncovered a number of areas that would allow large scale theft to take place. Among those vulnerabilities identified in their existing controls, Danbee’s security assessment team exposed how their electronic security systems were being circumvented without management’s knowledge, two suspected areas of risk where collusion was likely taking place between company drivers and warehouse personnel, as well as how their inventory records were being manipulated to conceal internal theft.

The client was provided with a detailed action plan comprised of new, custom-tailored safeguards that eliminated the opportunity for these vulnerabilities to continue to be exploited.

The result was a 92% reduction in inventory loss, which dramatically increased the distributor’s bottom line and more than covered the cost of Danbee’s vulnerability assessment.

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