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Mr. Barry Brandman
Danbee Investigations
One Godwin Avenue
Midland Park, New Jersey 07432

Dear Barry,

As a $250 million dollar a year publicly held medical products manufacturer, my company is not exactly one of the “Big Fish”, but our security needs are substantial. I spent years searching for a firm that was responsive to our needs. When the time comes for me to call in an investigative firm, I am typically in “crisis” mode where everyone is calling for action…yesterday. It is in this type of environment which you and your team at Danbee have set themselves head and shoulders above the rest. Over the years, I have tried several firms ranging from the national “elite”, whose employees are regularly seen on TV news programs, to the small three man specialty shop. From my experience, none of them compare to Danbee’s commitment to my company.

When I first called you, I told you of my prior experiences, what I liked, what I did not like, and what I expected of your firm. Fortunately, for me, your promises took the form of action. You assigned a group of professionals who were talented, knowledgeable and communicative. Most importantly, they were realistic, focused and cost conscious. To me, however, the distinguishing factor is your personal attention combined with your “get it done” attitude. Whenever I call you, you are there. I don’t chase you down for status. You always keep me abreast of events and your course of action.

To sum this all up, Danbee has been a real plus for my company, as well as for me personally. Since my choice of an investigative firm is a direct reflection on myself, I would not trust my reputation to anyone other than Danbee.


James M. Oliver
Corporate Auditor